Calendar and Diary

PLEASE NOTE: This calendar is shared with the Wotton-under-Edge Community Site and some of the entries may refer to events in Wotton-under-Edge, not Charfield.


  • Thu 21

    Charfield Village Hall, Thursday 21st Oct

    The Hall:

    09:00-11:30 Slimming World

    13:00-14:30 Pilates

    18:15-19:45 Zumba

    19:45-22:15 Kickboxing

  • Fri 22

    Charfield Village Hall, Friday 22nd Oct

    The Hall:

    17:45-21:15 Table Tennis Club

  • Sat 23

    Charfield Village Hall, Saturday 23rd Oct

    The Hall:

    19:00-24:00 My 40 th birthday

    The Sportmans Lounge:

    12:30-18:30 Football

  • Sun 24

    Charfield Village Hall, Sunday 24th Oct

    The Hall:

    17:00-18:00 Taekwon-do

  • Mon 25

    Charfield Village Hall, Monday 25th Oct

    The Hall:

    10:45-12:15 Nia Dance

    16:15-17:45 1st Charfield Rainbows

    18:15-19:45 Fattoff Dance Party

    The Sportmans Lounge:

    18:45-21:00 Bingo

  • Oct 26

    Charfield Village Hall, Tuesday 26th Oct

    The Hall:

    09:45-11:15 Keep Fit

    11:15-14:15 Pilates

    15:30-16:30 Youth Group

    17:00-19:00 ROKH Dance

    19:00-21:30 Youth Group

    The Sportmans Lounge:

    16:30-18:00 Youth Group

  • Oct 27

    Charfield Village Hall, Wednesday 27th Oct

    The Hall:

    09:30-11:45 Little Stars Playgroup

    12:30-13:30 Dance

    14:00-18:00 Childrens craft event

    18:00-21:15 Yoga Class

  • Oct 27
    Posted: Aug 16th 2021 15:06

    YOGA AND RELAXATION, Wednesday 27th Oct

    From 18:15 to 21:00.     Add this to your calendar:        

    Dru Yoga and Relaxation classes suitable for all levels and abilities, including beginners. Friendly relaxed classes, work to your own abilities and strengths to help relieve stress, increase flexibility and wellbeing. Fully qualified teacher.

    Held every Wednesday at Charfield Village Hall
    6.15pm until 7.30pm and 7.45pm until 9.00pm

    Social distancing remains in place at present for everyone's comfort so booking is essential.

    For more details and to book please go to

  • Oct 28

    Charfield Village Hall, Thursday 28th Oct

    The Hall:

    09:00-11:30 Slimming World

    19:45-22:15 Kickboxing

  • Oct 29

    Charfield Village Hall, Friday 29th Oct

    The Hall:

    09:00-12:30 Music with Mummy

    17:45-21:15 Table Tennis Club