Where the village hall now stands was once a small quarry. In 1915 an opportunity came about to provide for some local needs.

The land was sold and later resold in 1922 to the Charfield and District Red Triangle Club, which started with a small hall (the Richardson Hut). This was a YMCA building.

The adjoining land (now the playing field) came under the control of the local parish council in 1948, and the two sites were held under two titles. However, by 1965 the Red Triangle Club were facing severe problems and finally handed over the hall to a newly formed 'Charfield Village Hall and Playing Field' a community lead charity acting under a scheme made by the secretary of state.  

 The village hall has had many changes throughout the years including knocking down the old hut and building a new one, multiple extentions and many coats of paint. 

In 2020 the Village Hall and Playing Field charity re-formed as a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) meaning that they were no longer working under a very old scheme. The community lead committee took on maintenace of the childrens play area which the Parish Council had previously been looking after on our behalf. 

The Village Hall and Playing Field is still being run by volunteers from the village, however we now have paid staff to take care of the day to day managment of the facilities.