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Charfield is a village in South Gloucestershire, England. We are north of Bristol and south of Gloucester, right on the Gloucestershire border. Have a look on this map to see where we are.


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Charfield Memorial Hall and Playing Fields

Upcoming Events at the Hall

Wednesday 12th December :

Thursday 28th March :
Quiz and Bake Night

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Charfield Primary school needs new governors. Can you help?

Our governance committee is made up of people from various stakeholder groups.  We have plenty of parents and staff willing to fill the roles, but what we really need are people from the wider community.  People who live relatively locally (ie within about 15 miles) and who do not have children at the school.

The main role of the governance committee is to help to raise the standards and performance of the school.  We do this by both supporting and challenging the Headteacher to do what is best for the children. 

Please click here for further information, or please contact me

Pauline Dixon
Chair of Governors 

Village Newsletter VACANCIES

The newsletter is looking for a new EDITOR and TREASURER for the newsletter to continue next year.

Neither job is particularly onerous. The team meet every 3 months and the newsletter is produced every 3 months.

The TREASURER organises the invoices for the advertising and collates the money collected by the distributors from the readership. The spreadsheets, bank account and administration is all set up and ready to handover.

The EDITOR collates the newsletter each quarter, sending out reminders a month ahead. Then follows a few hours collating the contributions into the newsletter and sending it off for printing and distribution. Ideally you need to be computer savvy as the newsletter is put together in MS Word and takes some jiggling to get all the contributions in.

Please email for more details    

Looking for a way to keep fit through the winter?

Love rugby but want to play a non-contact form of the game?

Touch Rugby is a fantastic sport for keeping fit and allows men & women of all abilities to take to the field together.

You don't have to have had any rugby experience at all to play. It's also great fun!

From 1st October we will play on a Monday night from 7pm until 8pm at KLB in the 3G pitch. Cost is £3 per session.

Please text 07970853871 if you're interested and we'll put you on the list for session updates.

Looking for a way to keep fit through the winter?

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Nia classes provide the opportunity for holistic whole body fitness and cardiovascular conditioning.

It is an expressive movement programme that uses a variety of music styles to stimulate improvement in flexibility, agility, mobility, stability and strength.

A new class started in May this year and is held in Charfield Village Hall on Mondays at 11am.

Judy D is a new student and says

“I'm already feeling much fitter & really enjoying the combination of dance and Tai chi movements set to lovely music. Stress levels drop as you think only of the moves your body and mind are learning, new routines in a friendly non-judgemental environment.

Nia is good for all ages and fitness levels, as a low impact activity I find it is perfect for my 'worn-out' knees, keeping them working. The increase in core strength and stability is also a bonus.

It is also great fun and a wonderful start to the week.”

Classes are £6 drop in or £30 for 6 classes. Contact Nia teacher Teresa for more information on 01785 816396


Old ITV programme about the Charfield Railway Crash 1928

Locals sharing memories at the Railway Tavern Pub in Charfield. People interviewed: Mrs Hazel, then "Jibby' Jones, then Reginald Pagett.

Thanks to Graham Tyndall for sharing this with us.

"It was broadcast on ITV many years ago and they kindly sent me a video of the program.
My father is in the video talking about the lady in black and the children's shoes. He worked on the railway in 
Charfield as a Ganger and we lived in a cottage just below the Plough Inn.
When the cottages were demolished we moved to Charfield Green on the corner right next to the railway line."

More information about the disaster.

More information about Charfield Railway Station.

Upcoming Events

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Local Organisations:

Charfield Out Of School Club
Charfield Memorial Hall and Playing Fields Clean Up Green Up Charfield
CHADRA - Charfield Newsletter Charfield Pre-School

CHADRA - Charfield Newsletter

The CHADRA Archive is now complete!

The digital archive of CHADRA is now 100% complete!

This immense project was started in 2010 and we are very grateful for Brendan O'Connor's hard work.

Note that only newsletters that are a year old are archived here. To read up-to-date news, please get on the distribution list.

View the archive here.

Charfield Memorial Hall and Playing Fields

Care About Your Community?

Please support the Village Hall by coming along to one of our fundraising events, joining the committee, or making a donation via JUSTTEXTGIVING.

Charfield Village Plan - local solutions for local issues

Charfield Village Plan 2011 – 2021
UPDATED May 2014

The Charfield Village Plan and associated documents have now been published!

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South Gloucestershire Council Mobile Library times and location
Bill Wilcock

Charfield Wartime Memories of Kathleen Wilcock

"What the inhabitants of Charfield made of all this he did not say." - Kathleen Wilcock, 2013.

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The Charfield Spitfire

The Spitfire

Have you heard the story about how a Spitfire came to be rebuilt in Charfield?
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Valerie Sibley on a tricycle

Memories of Charfield

"Whilst in the mood I have edited my 'family edition' of my "Memories" just to include the Charfield bits." - Valerie Sibley, 2009.
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The Old Post Office

The Old Post Office

Where was the old Post Office? Valerie Sibley lets us know, and shares some childhood memories.
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