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Ancestor Search - J J Kelly - Charfield Post Office 1891

Click here to view user informationwayne   Nov 26th 2016 21:37

Hello all,

I wonder if anyone can help me further my search regarding my ancestors who lived in Charfield in 1891. According to the 1891 census my GGG Grandfather (John Joseph Kelly) & family lived at the Post Office, his occupation was a Pin Maker. Is there a historical society or museum etc in Charfield? I wondering if there are any Church, School, Post Office records that are available to the public? Any and all help & pointers will be much appreciated, Many Thanks


"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Nov 27th 2016 10:39

Could try Wotton Heritage Centre. [external link]

Click here to view user informationwayne   Nov 27th 2016 11:27

Hi Mark, Thank you for the link, hopefully they can help ;-) have a nice day.

Click here to view user informationwayne   Jun 28th 2017 21:30

Hello Mark,

Nice meeting you today, thank you for the directions to the Pin Mill today, we found the Mill and took a few more photos ;-) The family history search continues...

Anyone know which building is the Old Post Office (from 1891)? Does it still exist?

Many thanks

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