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Elbury View Bonfires

Click here to view user informationHorsfordRoad   Nov 26th 2016 07:48

Would the person(s) responsible for the bonfires in Elbury View please cease this selfish activity.

I returned home last night to find smoke engulfing Horsford Road and my house stinking of the acrid smell of a bonfire.

With recycling facilities provided by the local authority and two recycling centres (tips) within a short drive (Thornbury and Yate) there is absolutely no need or excuse for selfish and thoughtless people to consider it appropriate to set fire to waste in the middle of a built up area. I note that this person(s) always does this under the cover of darkness, hoping that they won't be spotted.

I don't care if its technically not illegal. It's downright inconsiderate and totally unnecessary.

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