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Joint Spatial Strategy Consultation README!

"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Nov 7th 2016 18:48

The JSP (and JTS - Joint Transport Study) has just gone live at [external link] and if that link doesn't work please visit the parish council web site.

This consultation is the one which identifies Charfield as fit for another THOUSAND houses. If you care about that you really need to read the documentation and make a response.

Again, we may have some ideas on replies on the parish council web site shortly.

Click here to view user informationNewcomer   Nov 8th 2016 22:56

I know developers like to squeeze in as many houses as possible on a patch of land but that is ridiculous. Very upset to read your post

Click here to view user informationAlex88   Nov 9th 2016 06:55

Hi mark, that's alot of houses to go forward. Where would the put them? With the this has bad and good points. Also if there is a new park and ride at yate which it does show then would are bus services eventually be better?

"Immigrant from Frampton Cotterell c 1997" : Click for more detailsoxo   Nov 9th 2016 13:40

Alex - you can see the proposed land for development in yellow on this interactive map, if the external link works:

[external link] />

As a resident of New Street, I'm desperately sad to see they propose to develop the fields behind us. Our rural "village" as we know it will no longer exist.

"Immigrant from Frampton Cotterell c 1997" : Click for more detailsoxo   Nov 9th 2016 13:42

The link doesn't work unfortunately and I can't edit my post, but you can find it by following Mark's links above and digging around for the Interactive map.

Click here to view user informationlongtimecharfield   Nov 9th 2016 13:50

It looks like almost all of the beautiful green land is under threat. All the nice places people walk there dogs etc.

Charfield will become a very different type of place to live if this does go ahead.

"Immigrant from Frampton Cotterell c 1997" : Click for more detailsoxo   Nov 9th 2016 17:17

Mark, would it be worth creating a social media presence for this issue, speaking to a few of my neighbours, people are unaware of the proposed development whilst others have been approached by developers already. I note that there is a special Parish Council meeting arranged for the 15th Nov - this needs to be highlighted to everyone. Let me know if I can assist.

"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Nov 9th 2016 22:02

Gosh, people do watch these forum posts after all!

Folks, all I can do is point you at the Parish Council web site where further information will be located. It's not all there right now. The meeting on the 15th is not a Parish Council meeting, it is being held by South Gloucestershire and the West of England Joint Planning people.

In any response you might choose to make to this consultation, it is probably imperative you DO NOT make yourselves sound lime NIMBYs. If we are to get anywhere fighting this proposal it will be on matters of sustainability. We all need to understand the term as used by planners - sustainable - and show who this proposal is NOT SUSTAINABLE.

And tell your neighbours. If we don't get a good turn out of responses we will be a minor annoyance at the top of the JSP area and easily ignored. If we make a loud enough noise - like we did about broadband the other year - we may even get noticed.

Click here to view user informationlongtimecharfield   Nov 10th 2016 12:45

Hi Mark,

Is there an email address we can use to send our feelings\responses to?

I'm thinking a simple A4 with a picture showing the proposed planning areas along with an email address to contact.

We could post this through the doors of locals...

The picture says a million words!

"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Nov 11th 2016 13:02

I don't think they're offering to accept email responses, but...

"Write to us at: West of England Joint Planning Consultation, c/o South Gloucestershire Council, PO Box 299, Corporate Research and Consultation Team, Civic Centre, High Street, Kingswood, Bristol, BS15 0DR"

Click here to view user informationNewStRes   Nov 11th 2016 16:35

It looks like this was proposed in January by Bloor Homes South West. A developer with assets of 2.6Bn so unlikely to be swayed by anything.

I find it surprising that they say they already control land owned by others. I guess they have reached some sort of agreement regarding land purchase if planning is given.

Personally I would hate to see newts and bats displaced which are currently present on the land behind New St.

I thought these species were protected?

It will also be a rude awakening in the winter when the 300 houses nearest the river flood.

Click here to view user informationBig-guy   Nov 13th 2016 07:52

Thanks for the heads up on this Mark whilst I don't actually believe anything we say will make ANY difference I also believe we should always fight for what we love. Can i pick up on a previous suggestion and support the use of social media to raise awareness?

We need to be sure the population of Charfield know what they are being pushed into.

Click here to view user informationbessiebugs   Nov 13th 2016 19:38

I definitely think more social media awareness would be great!

I really like to know how they think they could build on the field at the end of woodlands road (dog walking area) as isn't it too steep?

Do they know we have a tiny primary school and KLB is over subscribed where do they think the kids would go to school!

It's a real shame i wanted to somewhere rural away from the 1000s of houses!

How on earth do they think the traffic system through the one road in the village would work or have i missed something?

Click here to view user informationNewStRes   Nov 14th 2016 10:31

Not only is there just the one road, it has frequent HGV / Quarry lorry usage, narrow footpaths and no safe pedestrian routes to any other local centres such as Wotton.

The last development approved gave money for resident improvements - and that was just spent to benefit Wotton. Just saying that any promises about improvement funds should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Click here to view user informationang   Nov 15th 2016 13:07

This is major. The proposed development envelopes 3/4 of the existing village. Charfield will be a small town.

"Immigrant from Frampton Cotterell c 1997" : Click for more detailsoxo   Nov 15th 2016 14:28

I’ve just popped into see the Joint Spatial Plan consultation presentation in the village hall.

I couldn’t stay long as I was so frustrated at the responses to my questions and could feel myself getting more and more upset. It was well attended by residents at 13:30. Personally, I would have appreciated a chat with a representative from the Parish Council, but couldn't track anyone down.

I've just emailed and 'phoned the Gazette to ensure that they are covering developments, perhaps get a reporter down to the village hall today and help make all Charfield residents aware of what's proposed for our village after 2018. Apparently they’ve received a number of emails and calls today!

As good as this Forum is, most folk use different modes of group communication nowadays. I would suggest a Facebook community group along the lines of "Dursley Matters". Any Facebook user can set one up, although I suspect moderation may be a slightly onerous task as this will be an emotive subject. “Charfield Community Discussion” anyone?

Click here to view user informationbessiebugs   Nov 15th 2016 16:33

Was it worth the visit to the hall? I was planning on going tonight to quiz them over schools, medical provision etc?

Also, does anyone know about the plans for land north of wotton road?

Click here to view user informationNewcomer   Nov 15th 2016 19:37

I agree a Facebook group is a good idea, and also the idea about putting leaflets through doors showing the map. I'm happy to help deliver.

I went to the consultation too. I'm glad it was well attended at 1.30. I went about 3.20 on the school run, there were a few others there.

I did leave feeling quite miserable.

I asked about the school. I was told that that many new houses would mean a new school would also be built. Goodness knows where it will go.

I was also told this would mean some improvement to shopping facilities. I asked did this mean supermarket or small shop. They said it would depend what was needed.

Again goodness knows where that will go.

I asked how much notice is paid to the neighbourhood plan. They said that regarding the number of houses and their location we need to be filling out their questionnaire (or whatever it is) at They said Charfield has 2 main issues: traffic levels and transport links. Opening the train station will not be funded by the house builders completely as it is too expensive, but reopening it is a pro for house building as it will improve the transport links.

In terms of the new houses, the Neighbourhood plan will influence the size and style of the houses.

So I would urge everyone to complete the joint planning questionnaire and the neighbourhood plan. As well as traffic and transport issues we also lack health facilities and elderly care.

Click here to view user informationsbomford   Nov 15th 2016 20:58

I visited the hall as well this evening & what a depressing visit it was. Plans to turn Charfield into a small town, areas that I walk now in the countryside that will be through a housing estate, stories from people in the hall of applications soon to go in for another 163 houses in the centre of the village, no plans for infrastructure changes etc etc. Is this where I looked forward to living in when I moved here 20 years ago. All to be ruined with seemingly nothing that we can do about it. The Neighbourhood Plan is laudable, but ultimately more houses irrespective of anything else is what the government & ultimately the spiralling population want.....

Click here to view user informationwoodlands   Nov 15th 2016 21:25

Hi all

I went along too and i had a good chat with a planning officer and tore shreds out of him and the way we can fight this is what mark said it's all about sustainability;

- roads

- schools

- medical provision

- police services (lack of)

- jobs (apparently reinshaw can cater for the 1000 of houses according to south glos hahah I had him on that one

- we need to say I think about the lack of green transport such as cycle routes/commute times by bikes

- affordable housing was a joke because people would need a car to live here and they might not be able to afford a car and thus trapped

- our population is ageing and there was no mention of care for the elderly in this provision!

I too urge you to fill in the survey but I definitely think I needs to come back to sustainability and he did say we should look to highlight areas the plan missed such as Portishead clevedon ashton vale and wick which are all more sustainable options!

Apparently the new trains we are getting to Yate will be the Thames valley rejects aka cast offs!

I'm also annoyed to hear about barratts home plans for 123 houses I hope to help the fight this!

"Immigrant from Frampton Cotterell c 1997" : Click for more detailsoxo   Nov 15th 2016 21:40

I've given birth to Charfield Village Forum on Facebook. Please add yourself and Charfield friends to the group. I'm currently Admin, but happy to hand the reigns over or share responsibilities with a responsible adult. Lets get a wider discussion going asap.

Click here to view user informationwoodlands   Nov 15th 2016 22:02

Can't seem to find the page on Facebook

"Immigrant from Frampton Cotterell c 1997" : Click for more detailsoxo   Nov 15th 2016 22:35

Hi Woodlands,

Have a go now please - it's a Private Group "Charfield Village Forum". My Wife just managed to find the group, so hopefully it's now available. Let me know either way please.

Click here to view user informationwoodlands   Nov 15th 2016 23:07

All found

Click here to view user informationSall2509   Nov 15th 2016 23:23

[external link] />

Campaign to Protect Rural England

Just wondered if this website would help? Apologies if it's already been suggested

"Immigrant from Frampton Cotterell c 1997" : Click for more detailsoxo   Nov 16th 2016 10:35


"I'm also annoyed to hear about barratts home plans for 123 houses I hope to help the fight this!"

Any links? First I've heard


Click here to view user informationwoodlands   Nov 16th 2016 15:45

@ oxo I found out by chance

Mark can you help?

"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Nov 16th 2016 18:23

Hi Folks

Glad to see this thread developing well, and I've been invited to the Charfield Village Forum which I've accepted. Perhaps it will be more efficient to use Facebook, because it's more likely we will hit more screens that way, but whatever I don't have the resource to type the same messages into both forums. Whatever I say here or there it will always be my personal opinion and not the opinion of Charfield Parish Council unless stated otherwise.

Barratt Homes have a public exhibition planned for 29th November at the Hall. It's a drop-in as was yesterday's event, and runs between 3.30 and 8pm. The land in question is the land at Warner's Court Farm - not the house itself.

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