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Naming Charfield Green

"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Aug 27th 2016 10:22

Your Parish Council has been asked for input on the naming of the roads in the new Charfield Green development. The developer has offered a theme of “wildflowers”, but the Parish Council feel strongly that the community of Charfield should have a say in this matter, as they did in the Kings Meadow development.

The matter will come under discussion in the next full Parish Council meeting of 13th September and be decided at the October 11th meeting. If you have any thoughts – perhaps you think wildflowers is an excellent theme, or maybe you have another idea – then please let the Parish Clerk know, or come along to the September meeting.

Click here to view user informationsbomford   Sep 1st 2016 12:00

Hi Mark. It always amuses (or should I really say, upsets me) how these developers want to name their new site after what they have destroyed. Wildflowers seems very inappropriate as it's exactly what will not be there any more. A better choice would be based around what we will end up with. I could provide a list, but I guess my choice of names will be unlikely to be taken up. Wildflowers indeed.....

"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Sep 2nd 2016 19:44

haha, I would say that we will have this new development in our community, and it will become a part of our community. Lemia Lane or Goa Way wouldn't really work, would it? ;-)

Click here to view user informationsbomford   Sep 4th 2016 15:35

Hi Mark. I'm sorry to say that from the tone of your reply, you don't seem to take the destruction of the British countryside as seriously as I do. Yes, we have been forced to have this new development within our community and because of apparent lack of adequate planning on the behalf of South Glos, outside the village development boundary. We may well have to adopt it, but the fact that the developers have the audacity to hark back to the flora & fauna that will certainly be destroyed certainly beggars belief.

"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Sep 4th 2016 22:59

Sorry, perhaps I misconstrued your own post. Text doesn't always convey emotion well. Nevertheless, ignoring my obviously feeble attempts at humour I stand by what I said. The new development will come despite all our earlier efforts, and those who take up residence in the new homes will be our neighbours. So, the current suggestion is for a wildflower theme. The parish council will discuss any alternative options at the next meeting on 13th September and if anyone has suggestions we'd be happy to hear from you then.

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