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Traffic Consulation

"Immigrant from Frampton Cotterell c 1997" : Click for more detailsoxo   Apr 19th 2016 22:44

In case you'd not spotted it:

[external link] />

"Immigrant from Frampton Cotterell c 1997" : Click for more detailsoxo   Apr 19th 2016 22:46

Not sure that link works, will give it one more go....

[external link]

"Immigrant from Frampton Cotterell c 1997" : Click for more detailsoxo   Apr 19th 2016 22:48

Nope, you'll need to find it yourself, sorry. 20 mph past the school anyway.

"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Apr 20th 2016 08:16

Heh. Not just me then. Here's a quick to the PC site which has the full link.

[external link]

"Immigrant from Frampton Cotterell c 1997" : Click for more detailsoxo   Apr 21st 2016 09:19

Thanks Mark!

We've walked our kids to-and-from Charfield Primary for years, and really welcome this proposed change. Lorries/door mirrors whistling inches past your head along Wotton road can be quite scary even at 30mph.

Unfortunately, looking at the plan, the 20mph speed limit does not extend as far down as the railway bridge where many of the Primary school children cross Wotton road, or the bus stops used by KLB pupils at the end of New Street. That's a real shame, as these are also danger spots due volume and speed of traffic and no proper road crossing in place.

More traffic generated by additional housing and further expansion from local business isn't going to help matters.

Do you know if the road crossing plans for the "north" part of the village is now completely shelved?

"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Apr 21st 2016 12:18

I agree, the size of vehicles using the Wotton Road is as relevant to safety as their speed. One of the larger buses or quarry lorries, for example, can push a lump of air around them that could suck an unwary small child into the road.

I've asked for traffic calming measures (mini roundabouts in effect) in my personal submissions to the planning authority for both Day House Leaze and Charfield Green, and I urge everyone to at least read the app;lciuations and comment - particularly now the Charfield Green one has gone to a full design reserved matters application.

The traffic light controlled pedestrian crossing to the north-east of Wotton Road is a part of the mitigation of Charfield Green, and you may have attended the community engagement event Crest Nicholson held at the Memorial Hall recently. The proposed placement of the crossing was controversial, but in terms it will probably be somewhere between New Street and the Plough. I doubt it will materialise until the Crest Nicholson development is at least under way and perhaps not until it is completed.

There is opportunity - if you have the time, energy and commitment, too be a part of a Speedwatch program. I don't think it's running a the moment in Charfield for lack of volunteers. Give us a yell if you want more information.

Click here to view user informationang   Apr 22nd 2016 12:07

Roundabouts and traffic lights are not the answer. Traffic needs to flow - in a measured way. A 20mph zone during pedestrian peak times is the best solution.

"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Apr 22nd 2016 12:35

They are an answer, ang, although not to this question. ;-)

My comment about roundabouts was related to the two major developments coming to Charfield, as a suggestion to aid access/egress at the junctions and also to slow the overall speed through the village.

A part time 20mph zone in a small part of the village certainly helps at the school location though, I totally agree.

"Immigrant from Frampton Cotterell c 1997" : Click for more detailsoxo   Oct 10th 2016 09:11

Hi Mark,

We noticed our brand new 20mph speed advisory "Wig-Wag" signs flashing away whilst walking our Daughter to school this morning (unlike several car & HGV drivers who barrelled through at the usual 30mph+ speed).

Any news on the proposed crossing by the Petrol Station? I thought this was to be funded as part of the new development, which has already started - this was the reply from South Glos CC on the recent traffic consultation:

"A new wig wag and sign cannot be placed further up Wotton Road near the garage/pub because this is the site of a proposed zebra crossing funded by the new development. "



Click here to view user informationMEG   Oct 10th 2016 10:37

oxo I've been in contact with the Parish Council and Crest who confirm the following:-

so we have to wait until the first house is occupied before any works will commence on the crossing, I do have a map of where the crossing is going to be located also.

Nice to speak to you and apologies for the delay in coming back to you I have only just received your message.

As discussed we have submitted the plans for the crossing to the Council for approval. The planning condition requires us to implement that crossing before any houses are occupied on the site and we will of course ensure we comply with that requirement.

I fully appreciate your concerns and I am happy to keep you updated on progress of that crossing over the next few months.

I have attached a copy of the plans that we have submitted for your information.

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