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Can you help Jack Lismore?

"The Administrator" : Click for more detailsandrew   Feb 15th 2016 16:10

John Lismore known as Jack lives in Kingswood, Bristol. Jack and his wife Joan, who Is now deceased, used to visit her cousin Joyce who lived in Charfield. Joyce's maiden name was Shepherd. Their grandfather Jack Shepherd moved to Charfield to work in the coal and fuel depot called Silveys and lived in the Depot house.

Joyce had two daughters and they always send Jack a Christmas card every year.

He is elderly now and has lost contact details of the daughters. Their names are Cherry and Ros who are married to Chris and Alan.

It would be lovely for Jack if anyone knows if the daughters still live in Charfield or have any information about them. Jack would be very grateful.

Contact can be made through Hazel on 07591187774 or Heather on 01454 261346.

Many thanks.

Heather Joyner. (Charfield resident).

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