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Charfield Station

"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Jan 7th 2016 13:50

The possibility or impossibility of reopening Charfield Railways Station has been debated for decades. In this week's Gazette the issue is raised once more.

[external link] />

As the Charfield Neighbourhood Plan starts to gather momentum this is an issue that will be considered fully, and of course a matter where the residents of Charfield must have their say.

I'd therefore be interested in hearing views from residents, here or by email to the Parish Council.

"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Jan 7th 2016 13:51

Again, the link function has failed on this site. I'll put a link on the Parish Council web site.

Click here to view user informationmissys   Jan 12th 2016 11:17

I currently drive to and from Bristol each day for work, the traffic has increased year upon year and parking is certainly not cheap in the city centre. Personally I would welcome the addition of a new train station nearby but not the re-opening of the previous station in our village as I can see parking/access becoming a nightmare for anyone in the immediate area. Perhaps, and I've no idea of the feasibility, somewhere between Charfield and Wickwar which I would hope prove to be easily accessible for the residents of said villages and also Wotton, Cromhall plus the surrounding villages.

"The Administrator" : Click for more detailsandrew   Jan 25th 2016 18:07

Here's a good survey to fill in:

[external link]

Click here to view user informationsbomford   Jan 28th 2016 12:24

Unfortunately, the survey link that Andrew provided is only of use if you want the station to re-open. If you rather it remained closed, there is no option to state your preference....

Click here to view user informationalex88   Mar 11th 2016 09:15

I seriously do think this would benefit a lot of people to have a working station to bristol and gloucester. Mayne a train every hour from 7-7. I heard and seen online a lot of people are wanting this to go forward also a lot of people from wotton are keen

Is there something we can do to get a view in numbers how many people would like this. Like maybe one night in the village hall. Everybody who wants it to be open signs a petition???

Click here to view user informationalex88   Mar 11th 2016 09:30

Also just got a email from FOSBR about the online survey. Charfield has been one of the more popular choices of a new station. Helped along by people of wotton. Could be easily done. Surely it's got to be worth a application and effort. Look at Severn beach railway station in the last few years..

this needs to be pushed forward I think. I would for one use it to get from gloucester back home to charfield to see my parents.

Click here to view user informationjgbeaker   Mar 11th 2016 12:59

sorry disagree, can you imagine the increase in traffic, noise and pollution to the village ? what about all the parking issues this would also cause? - how would all the KEEN people from Wotton get to the station in charfield? i'm guessing they will not walk / cycle or get the bus!

yes it would be great to have a station in charfield but for me the cons well outweigh the pro's

Click here to view user informationRonPerry   Mar 11th 2016 17:20

For what it is worth (as I have not been a Charfield resident since 1968 - just 3 years after the old station closed!) I would be in favour of opening a station, but certainly not at its original location. Better I think to the north of the B4058 bridge with platforms flanking the loops. Although that might entail upgrading the latter to take passenger trains, it would offer a refuge for stopping services to allow faster trains to overtake them. All would hinge on making access from Wotton rd possibly opposite the village hall upgrading the Little Bristol Lane junction into a four-way roundabout with the fourth exit to a car-park where the meadow is now. Easy for me to propose this from 150 miles away, though. Easy also for Great Western trains or whoever run the trains serving Cam & Dursley and Yate to claim that there is insufficient 'slack' in their train paths to support an extra 4 or so minutes in the schedule to provide an additional stop at Charfield. Apologies if all this has been proposed/discussed before.

Click here to view user informationalex88   Mar 11th 2016 20:10

Actually would be easy for people if wotton. A 3 minute drive down to charfield.. either as above.. maybe not the roundabout idea.. or down by little bristol. It's not going to be that much worse on traffic. Maybe a decent car park, like the village hall ones size. with room for a bus link from wotton. Maybe the 82 could stop there.... doesn't have to be a massive one like parkway. But with the amount of interest shown on websites such as FOSBR I think this needs to be looked at as a real possibility.

Click here to view user informationjohng   Jul 11th 2016 11:50

Surely the best place for a new halt would be south of the current station at the end of Station Rd? However, Station Rd. itself would not be suitable vehicular access - the confluence of New St. traffic, filling station, The Tavern and the Longs View pedestrian crossing make this junction hazardous enough as it is. Rather, if the new Housing project on Charfield Green is going ahead, the developer could put in a new road access from the Wotton end of the village, thus negating the need for the Wotton commuters to enter the village at all. The result would mean a net reduction of commuter traffic through the Village.

Click here to view user informationjohnoneill   Jul 18th 2016 12:11

just to add some clarity a re-opened station will be considered as part of Metro West phase 3 we are currently on phase 2. viability studies have been completed that show a new station would be viable, cost around

£5m it is anticipated funding would be found from Metro West or the devolution budget if the go ahead is given.

Land adjacent to the subway on the MJ Fews site is safeguarded transport land for a re-opened station, if the decision is to proceed at Metro West 3 it is then for the Council to make a business case, at that stage many issues will be up for discussion including parking and a shuttle bus service between Wotton and the M5 junction.

Click here to view user informationalex88   Jul 18th 2016 20:09

I have been looking out for updates on metro west phase 3 aswell and indeed it does seem like they have including charfield as a station they are going to push to get open within the next 6 years. I for one can see why when you read up on all the residents from the village and wotton who would use it regularly. I for one would use it only once a week bit it would be a 20 minute commute instead of a 45 minute commute. This would benefit lots of people I think. In terms of position of a new station. I feel the old station would be ideal, there is space there for a car park for about 25 cars.. they could also build a footpath across the tracks to the road next to the park and put in adequate spaces there. Anyway my point being I still agree this is the best way to go. With no transport link to bristol whatsoever for people in wotton or charfield this would be worth the fight. Especially with the new two estates in the village happening g in the near future. More to come soon I'm sure. Just look at the size of kingswood (glos) that is getting bigger and bigger, also more customers for the station.

"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Jul 18th 2016 23:44

In a personal capacity I would think the station should only go ahead if it brings value to Charfield. The idea of bringing in "customers" from far afield along with their cars appears counter to the comments of residents who find car parking an issue in the village (based on neighbourhood plan feedback). Charfield residents would not need to drive to the station, therefore the small car park afforded by the safeguarded land ought to be sufficient.

Click here to view user informationalex88   Jul 19th 2016 23:56

I feel bringing people in to use the station from other villages would benefit people individually more then helping the village but this is not a bad thing. If it's what people want then go for it I say. Ok so it may not be the best thing to get money for charfield but it would benefit locals in terms of our poor public transport for the village.

Click here to view user informationjgbeaker   Jul 20th 2016 14:20


I still think that the re opening of the station will have a negative effect to the village

unfortunately people are lazy and everyone around the area will drive to the station and will need to park somewhere - if we only have 25 spaces available then this will not fulfil the requirement (have you seen the car parks at yate / cam/dursley ? a lot bigger and always full)

Its getting more difficult by the day to get onto the main charfield road in the mornings and what with the new housing development and the increasing size of Renishaw and the traffic that is bringing this will only get worse - I not sure why they don't look at opening a new station along the line between charfield and wickwar - this can at least have a decent size car park and brand new facilities

Click here to view user informationalex88   Jul 21st 2016 07:52

Too much money for the council, new road to build. New station to build. A car park. They much rather do it in the existing place as far as I'm aware. 25 was just a guess. Might be more. If there's more traffic surely a better puble transport link into bristol/gloucester would be beneficial? I'm no expert but I understand what you are saying.. just a quick point.. have you ever seen kemble in Gloucestershires station.. used really well again with a small car park. But people park around it. So on station Road and Horsford road. Anyway I'm no expert. I just think the benefits rule out the one problem of traffic/car parking

Click here to view user informationHorsfordRoad   Jul 21st 2016 21:29

Compared to when the station closed over 50 years ago, the original location in Station Road is now no longer suitable, due to permitted over-development in the area and resultant parking congestion.

Station Road is very narrow - effectively a single lane - with the widest part (near Wotton Road) blighted by cars parked for The Railway Tavern (often on the double yellows), Fews and now Briant's. This already forces cars entering Station Road to have to pass the entrance to Fews and Briant's on the wrong side of the road, causing frequent near misses with drivers exiting this site often looking one way only.

With human nature as it is, unless a station has a large free car park (which it won't as there isn't room and nothing is free these days), all car-borne rail users will park in surrounding roads, such as mine. Thanks!

It's already dangerous enough when some idiots park near the blind bend half way along Horsford Road, but the re-opening of the station will turn Station Road, Horsford Road, The Sidings and probably further afield (as usage grows) into free car parks, making life difficult for residents and impossible for visitors.

If we do have to have a new station, it would be far more sensible, as others have suggested, to use the land to the North of the railway bridge as there is a passing loop both sides of the line here which affords far more space. Furthermore, a new housing development looks almost certain to go ahead adjacent to this land, which would allow for suitable road access if incorporated at the same time. This, however, would require joined up thinking, something which councils and planners rarely demonstrate!

"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Jul 22nd 2016 09:49

Without disagreeing at all with HorsefodRoad's comments on the narrowness of Station Road, and in a personal capacity, I can't help thinking vehicular access to the passing loop would be as difficult through New Street.

The passing loop would make an obvious location for a new station in Charfield, but perhaps the safeguarded land at Fews's would remain the choice for parking? There might need to be a new footway from the parking area to the platforms, under the Wotton Road bridge - perhaps with a stairway down from the Wotton Road for foot passengers.

The main issue wrt reopening the station remains moving and parked traffic. There is nothing we can reasonably do about the blind bend, hump back bridge with multiple junctions, garage and play park all clumped together. With new junctions already envisaged the vehicle / pedestrian hazard is ever increasing. A new station will exacerbate that but it is already at a worrying level, and so we need most of all to examine how we reduce the hazard.

Click here to view user informationalex88   Jul 22nd 2016 12:26

I do see the points being made here, I agree myself aswell. If this was going to happen the councils need to look at all options available. The good thing is there is a few options just here on this site already. I feel a few minutes walking commute for all rail passengers is not going to harm.. maybe land could be brought off of new street or further up towards little bristol to create a 40 space car park.. look at the village hall car park. One that size would be sufficient enough. Just weather the ouncil are prepared to pay for that. Again another option.

Mark, small lanes and parked cars are not a new thing. Gloucestershire has many in cam and kemble to name just two I know of. The down lanes to get there. I feel that wouldn't matter to much. If the council see this as beneficial for locals and cost effective, which potentially it can easily be then they will find the solution to resolve this. Even if it's a car park between charfield and wotton (by the car boot field maybe) and then a shuttle bus every hour to take to the station at every train..

just more suggestions to throw out there. :)

Click here to view user informationalex88   Jul 22nd 2016 12:30

May also put a petition up in maybe wotton chip shop, the garage and costcutter (formally steve shop) for local signitures for people in the area that would benefit from this, and send this off to south gloucestershire and gloucestershire councils (as this would be a joint deal as the station would be charfield for wotton.

do you think this will go down well mark?

Click here to view user informationjgbeaker   Jul 22nd 2016 13:40


sorry disagree with the statement "people in the area would benefit from this"

as I say people are lazy and will want to park as close to the station as possible. also it will not just be people Charfield and wotton wanting to use this, we will get all and sundry coming to use the station and i'm pretty sure they will not be walking / cycling or using public transport

if a new car park was to be built then it must be free otherwise people will look to park else where (like Kemble - parking on the through road causing holdups)

the station will change the village and not for the better - just think of all the speeding drivers trying not to miss their train .....

Click here to view user informationalex88   Jul 23rd 2016 14:46

I think that's it a bit pedantic, my personal opinion is what I think. I still stand by it, the village will have lots more residents in it (because of the new housing estates confirmed) lots of people would benefit from a good reliable transport sector such as a hourly train service. I agree the parking malarkey is an issue, but I also feel if the council wany this to happen they will make it happen. I would prefer to have a station a bit out if the way of the centre of the village but t's about making the people happy, and if a quarter of the village would use the train station to get to work and back then in my eyes this would be a benefit. We are making it easier therefore for our local residents.

Fair enough you being again this but I feel strongly about our local public transport and we do not have very good facilities here at the moment with not one link to bristol.

Click here to view user informationang   Jul 25th 2016 11:20

If decent and affordable public transport links are put into operation and the parking fee is suitably expensive:-

A) Village residents would be encouraged to walk or cycle to the station

B) People from further afield could be incentivised not to drive, if getting there and back by public transport is easy and cost-effective.

Rather a utopian vision I suppose!

Click here to view user informationjohng   Jul 29th 2016 19:21

Any Station plan would have to include sufficient free parking to avoid commuters clogging up residential roads.

Incidentally, I'm sure Charfield residents would walk to the Station - the whole point of having a local Station is so that I can leave the car at home!

On the subject of using the loops north of the Bridge; small matter of the houses adjacent to the cut on Longs View and Farm Lees. Short of taking their back gardens there is no space for a platform on the down line.

Click here to view user informationAlexStationRd   Aug 2nd 2016 17:03

I have to admit I agree with Alex88, Charfield has very poor public transport links and a train station would benefit the majority of Charfield residents as well as the surrounding villages. It would also bring more money into the village for local businesses and hopefully further increase the amenities we have here. Please note I said majority not everyone, I understand we have people in the village who are happy to drive everywhere and/or don't work anymore so have no care for commuting. I would therefore suggest the majority of these people will have the default position of against.

Charfield is set to grow with a number of developments already agreed and I am sure they wont be the last ones. The need for better transport links are needed more now than ever, surely it is better to try and get ahead and cater for the increased numbers rather than complain about the transport issues we will surely face if nothing is done. We need to now embrace this development and make it work for us the residents of Charfield and not just be a village full of NIMBY's. The UK are facing a huge shortfall of housing particularly in our area and we all need to help shape the development rather than just oppose it.

Whilst I understand the concerns of parking - I live in Station Road as my name suggests so I am fully aware of the parking situation as it is already! I would suggest there would be plenty of space for one if not two car parks around Charfield, maybe even part of the village hall car park could be used 9-5 Monday to Friday? Excuse me if this car park is often full during this time, I work so I wouldn't know - it is just another suggestion, as Alex states there are already a number of suggestions just from thread!

Alex I think a petition in the local shops/garage could be a good idea, certainly wouldn't do any harm!

Click here to view user informationBig-guy   Sep 4th 2016 09:14

It is true to say that with the size of developments hitting the village we need to improve our infrastructure and a railway station would certainly do that. However as a resident of Cotswold View just off of Horsford road I fully support Horsfordroad comments above, with Station road being too narrow for parking cars will inevitably park down here and the sidings. This is not viable and an alternative would have to be found or station relocated out of the village like Cam and Dursley.

Click here to view user informationHarry   Oct 6th 2016 09:26

and it gets worst - 1500 more houses

[external link] />

Click here to view user informationAlex88   Oct 7th 2016 11:45

Harry the link above cannot be accessed.. what's the dilemma?

Click here to view user informationAlex88   Oct 7th 2016 11:58

If this so called 1000 homes development will happen in the next 5 years, it seems like the village is becoming more of a town.. and back to the point in this post about the train station... it's more of a reason to get it open! Imagine another 1000 homes around the village.. just imagine the traffic.. it's common sense.. like mark says. We knew it was coming it's just a matter of when not if.

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