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Charfield Neighbourhood Plan

"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Oct 27th 2015 14:38

After the shell-shock of the two planning appeals, Charfield Parish Council looked at what might happen next. In doing so it became evident we needed to be more proactive and less reactive to upcoming development threats. As such, we have determined to work towards a Charfield Neighbourhood Plan.

Come and find out why we're doing this, how Charfield can benefit from it,. and how you can take part in shaping the future of your parish and village. Drop In Sessions at the Memorial Hall on the afternoon of Wednesday 18th November between four and nine.

"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Nov 26th 2015 22:20

The application for a Charfield Neighbourhood Area has gone to SGCC for approval and work is commencing on determining the framework and timeline of the Neighbourhood Plan project. If you are interested in being a part of the working group do get in touch. You all get to put your answers in the consultation exercises, but some of you might want to put the questions in too!

"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Mar 4th 2016 23:25

So the Neighbourhood Plan Area was approved by South Gloucestershire as predicted. There will shortly be a newsletter distribution followed up by an open meeting (cheese and wine party with extras!). In the meantime, the group would appreciate it if you considered a few questions, and in pondering came to some answers.

What do you like / love / appreciate about Charfield?

What could be improved / added / changed in Charfield to make it better?

How should Charfield grow in the next twenty years? Should it grow?

And as ever, if you want more information get in touch via the Parish Clerk.

"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Apr 15th 2016 11:17

You should all have received invitations about now, for a wine and cheese evening at the Memorial hall on 26th April.

This is to bring everyone together and not only explain the need for a Neighbourhood Plan but also to start the conversation about our future.

It will be an important event and I urge you to try and attend (the wine is apparently quite good, although I'll have to abstain!)

We will be talking around tables, focus group like, asking for your opinions on what is good, what could be better, what the future might be and what the future should be for Charfield.

[external link]

"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Apr 27th 2016 10:02

I just wanted to pop a note into here to thank everyone who came and joined in with us last night.

The wine and cheese evening went splendidly - we had to open an overflow section in the bar, every table was filled with folk discussing the future of the village, and the wine and cheese were greatly appreciated by all.

We now have a lot of analysis to do, and then further consultations and investigations. We'll have a busy summer. But we're good to go forward now.

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