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Charfield Parking

Click here to view user informationCrab   Apr 24th 2015 10:23

Charfield Parking Issues

I love to read our local Chadra, It is a great resource for our community and provides an interesting viewpoint from contributors.

I find lately though that it has started to have an undercurrent of negativity through a number of articles.

I am a huge advocate for road safety, I have through the years been involved with Charfield School as a governor, parent, and through the Walk to School initiative there trying to educate the children and parents and encourage safer parking, walking routes and so on.

I am also realistic, whilst articles like the recent Chadra article ‘Park Politely and Adhere to the Highway Code’ is informative and accurate, it does spend a lot of time pointing out the flaws to our village ie not enough parking for the homes. It is probable that the majority of our homes in the village will have at least 3 cars parked there at some point in a family’s life, and these cars will need to parked somewhere. I understand the need to reinforce the safety of parking and where to do this, but I feel that you will fall on deaf ears if you are not providing a solution to the problem, pointing out the obvious sometimes is not enough.

So what can we do?

If as the article say’s you park on the road and parking outside your home is a potential issue, then you can look for a piece of road where your vehicle is safer and less of a hazard. This may not be directly outside your property but as safety is the issue the walk could do you some good.

There are a number of layby’s in the village and these are not allocated to any specific property so these can be an option for safe parking too.

The memorial Hall car park is not an option as we have heard in previous parking articles so maybe another site could be found for overflow parking?

Maybe the Parish Council need to get involved and provide small grants to homeowners who live in the areas of concern to drop kerbs and make the frontages of homes into extra parking?

Maybe the Parish Council should think about a driveway share scheme, where people who have the driveway space to park multiple cars can share it with the less endowed so to speak?

To conclude, what I am trying to say is that the issues are very obvious the majority of the time, but things are never black and white. We suffer with not in my back yard syndrome a lot here and I think as a community we need to start to be part of the solution before judging peoples choices and the problems. I would welcome articles like the above mentioned in the future as long as solutions were offered alongside them. People need their cars in a village like ours with poor public transport, so we need spaces to park them safely, think about how this can be done to bring about a solution rather than breast beat about the issues. And just remember how you may feel if people start to park outside your property because the road negates it a safer option.

Thanks for listening Debbie on the Fence, waiting for solutions!

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