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School Bus pick-up point

Click here to view user informationawp   Feb 23rd 2015 20:26

Why does the school bus stop outside the pub on double yellow lines directly opposite a junction and the garage every weekday morning? There is a dedicated bus bay just before the pub....why can't it use this?

It causes traffic issues let alone a danger to all road users.

"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Feb 24th 2015 22:19

Unfortunately, it transpires the bay you refer to is neither a dedicated bus bay nor even public highway.

Buses are permitted, I gather, to set down and pick up passengers even when the road is double yellow lined.

[external link] />
[external link] />
(I did have to google for those)

But I accept the main road through Charfield is not best suited to the increasing traffic demands. In a personal capacity. ;-)

Click here to view user informationKelly   Mar 10th 2015 09:53

Hi awp, the bay you mention belongs to Kopperz the hairdressers. It was the police parking bay from when it was a police station, so never a bus stop.

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