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parked cars

Click here to view user informationsarahb   Feb 11th 2015 16:53

We need double yellow lines on the corner where little Bristol lane joins wotton road

people park in the road and on the pavement blocking the flow of traffic turning in to little Bristol lane, how long before there is a accident.

there is a cark park next to the new houses but rarely used.

"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Feb 12th 2015 22:20

Not the first time I've hear that comment, Sarah. There didn't ought to be a problem; as you say, there is plenty of parking there. It's been / being raised at the Safer Stronger Communities Group meetings, but even if there were double yellow lines (and there may be), who would police them? But it is being looked at. There doesn't need to be double yellow lines of course for a vehicle to get towed for obstructing the highway...

Click here to view user informationdebrahel   Feb 16th 2015 20:49

As a resident of one of these houses in discussion, we appreciate your concerns on this and previous occasions that this issue has been raised.

However I'm taking this opportunity to let you all know the situation from our side.

Firstly yes we do have a car park which we are allocated ONE space per house and almost all of the houses in our row have 2 vehicles, hence we have no where to park the second. We have already been told we are not allowed to use the hall car park as this would cause problems as well.

Secondly the speed that the cars come flying round the corner from wotton road (either bouncing off the kerb or on the wrong side of the road) is more of an issue that needs addressing! Personally i think the cars being parked out side is actually slowing the traffic which as a mother i would rather my children be able to cross the road to play in the park without worrying about someone driving at break neck speeds around the blind corner.

Thirdly it's not always residents cars that are parked outside the houses, visitors to the park/hall also park over here as not all of them can drive through the barriers to the hall car park as it very narrow (another issue to look in to?)

"Engineer and RC scratch builder" : Click for more detailsLongRat   Feb 20th 2015 23:06

Must be all those hall users unloading stuff from their cars into the new houses, before leaving their cars parked on the street in front of the same houses then? Give me a break. Parked cars on that corner are both dangerous and annoying, most of the danger being directed at the kids that live in the houses there. I've never seen the dedicated car park full.

Click here to view user informationJimbou   Feb 22nd 2015 19:02

There's no doubt it's a dangerous turning anyway and you have to have your wits about you when turning in, but the cars parking in front of the houses really aren't helping the situation and are causing an unneeded hazard.

Lorries and buses also use that turning and it's only a matter of time before there is an accident.

I imagine the residents knew that they had one space each when they moved in? There is plenty of ample safer space to park slightly further down the road.

As for the parked cars helping to slow down vehicles, well i'm yet to see that tactic used elsewhere.....probably because its dangerous.

Click here to view user informationang   Feb 24th 2015 09:01

Most households have two cars. The residents of these houses can't be blamed for living in a property that provides only one space and are then prevented from using a car-park across the road which has adequate space to allow them to park one further car per household in it. Perhaps the Local Authority should be challenged on this for allowing the development to be built without providing sufficent parking per household?

"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Feb 24th 2015 22:14

You may wish to refer to this document, which is relevant.

[external link] />
Take a look at 1.3

As for parking on property owned by others, I'm sure there would be words if someone parked their cars on my drive... especially when their own drive was empty.

All, as ever, in a personal capacity. :-)

Click here to view user informationang   Feb 25th 2015 12:05

The link doesn't work. Could you enlighten us please Mark?

The hall isn't privately owned, as you know, so what difference does it make if those residents were allowed to park one car per household in the carpark, if that means the road outside isn't clogged up?

Click here to view user informationsarahb   Feb 25th 2015 12:23

The parking spaces provided for the houses are not being used most of the time so why are people worring about it they can park in the hall car park

Just stop parking on the road/pavment causing a danger near the junction or do we have to wait till there is an accident or someone is injured

"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Feb 26th 2015 07:27

Sorry, there was an erroneous space in the work parking. Try this

[external link] />

Click here to view user informationKelly   Mar 10th 2015 10:20

As someone who knows quite a bit about usable design, I can see that the car park provided for the residents is shocking. If it were ever full, I don't think many of the cars would be able to get out! One note of genius is the street lamp that, if not there, would at least allow residents to turn a little easier in the car park.

I think there is an element of snobbery in people's thoughts and comments, which is disappointing. As is common these days, these houses, although great for residents, have been shoehorned into a patch of ground with no real thought to parking for more than one car. I understand the building regs on parking spaces, but there is no other place for residents to park their second car other than the road outside. Or do you all suggest they park their second cars in someone else's street? Of course the car park isn't always full, each house has ONE space. I'm guessing that even if there were spaces available residents would not be allowed to park their second car there, as it would be taking someone else's space.

Can we stop being so angry at our fellow villagers, stop being so snobby and have some empathy for families with more than one car, who are not given adequate parking in new homes.

Can we also at least try and suggest something useful to the residents please? Parking further down the road with children and shopping for example is not even feasible, or safe.

And by the way, yes I use Little Bristol rd every day to get to Woodlands, have no problem with the parked cars and more of a problem with crazy drivers coming down the lane too fast. The main issue with turning right into Little Bristol is the poor visibility over the railway bridge. Very dangerous indeed.

Click here to view user informationsarahb   Mar 14th 2015 13:56

5 homes 8 parking spaces in car park (that is never full) so if all the home have 2 cars why is there so many cars parked on the road causing a danger for other road users

the other day one car was parked so close to the corner that a bus had to drive on the opposite site of the road just so the he could get in to little bristol lane

If and when all the car park spaces have been filled then maybe we could excuse the reason for parking in front the door so the dont have to walk

Click here to view user informationJed   Mar 22nd 2015 21:52

This was one of the main issues I raised against the houses being built here in the first place and also once they were first built. Using this junction every day I regularly see the same cars parked on the edge of the road with several empty spaces in the car park. The shape and layout of this junction makes it particularly hazardous; turning right into LBL to be confronted by a parked car immediately pushes you out on to the wrong side of the road. I would imagine it will not be long before there is a small accident there.

So residents of the houses please fill up the spaces first and if you have to use the road please keep it away from the junction.

Just imagine if the originally proposed 17 (if memory serves me correctly) flats were built there!!!

Click here to view user informationKelly   Mar 24th 2015 19:45

I think there are 7 spaces rather than 8 (counting on google earth, as I couldn't remember), but take your point that there is more than one per household and I stand corrected. I do understand the worry that there may be an accident, but also stand by my own admission that I don't really have a huge problem with the parked cars. They don't seem to park on the double yellows and unless there is more than one car turning in to LBL (like the abb. by the way) or it's a bus, the cars don't cause a massive obstruction in the way that's described. I still think the biggest problem is cars coming down LBL, esp if they are going to fast or are being a tad ignorant or reckless and not considering the parked cars by the new houses. Thus providing a risk of a head on collision. Maybe i just use the road when it's quiet though, I don't know.

I really don't want to cause an argument, but my initial comment was to try and argue for the other side and to have some sympathy with the residents. At the end of the day there should have been more consideration with parking when the planning went in, and oh my, if the original plan for flats was approved we'd be in trouble!! We see time and time again, from councils, agreeing planning when parking is completely unsuitable. This is partially government led, trying to make us all eco friendly and having us ride into Bristol or something but hey ho.

Maybe one question to ask is why they built such a huge pavement outside the houses and why not create parking there... would that help?

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