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Broadband Problems

Click here to view user informationzebbedi   Aug 22nd 2014 12:01

Only two cabinets are live at the moment, the rest will follow.

Falfield cab 1 – Wotton Road, Charfield

Falfield cab 8 – Churchend Lane, Charfield

To find out if you can get it or which cab you are on, use:

[external link]

Click here to view user informationalanmccann   Aug 22nd 2014 13:20

I'm on cab 6 but don't know if the whole of Woodlands is via cab 6 also?

Hope people aren't getting carried away with the belief they will get the speed quoted by BT, because very few will. As I understand it a cabinet may have fibre to it, but its the same old copper wire to the house and that deteriorates over time. The distance is also a factor and not every property will be connected to their nearest cabinet.

Still going to wait for CT, will be a known speed at all times not "up to XYZ" and with the phone deal I'll be able to get rid of the landline and save £15 a month. I hear they are very close to finalising details.

Just like the idea of supporting a local start-up enterprise.

Click here to view user informationanti-addick   Aug 23rd 2014 19:39

Yeah it's like going to your local shop instead of having Tesco swallow up everything.

Click here to view user informationVaughan   Sep 23rd 2014 20:57

Any news??

Open 6am - 9pm every day (except Christmas!) " : Click for more detailsstevesshop   Sep 30th 2014 08:27

as suspected, since superfast became available, our usual business broadband drops out daily, and the speed is reduced, when queried offered superfast instead, cheeky BT

"The Administrator" : Click for more detailsandrew   Oct 7th 2014 09:34

I spoke to an engineer that was elbow deep in Cabinet 6 on Friday (3/10/14) evening. He was doing "some preliminary work" for BT. The next step apparently is for BT to do some further work and then it was ready to go.

He wasn't sure of the timeframes, but when pushed (not physically), he said "4 to 5 weeks".

The excitement builds ...

Click here to view user informationJonny   Oct 11th 2014 12:31

Fibre reaches Woodlands!!! Just ordered with installation 20th.

"The Administrator" : Click for more detailsAndrew   Oct 11th 2014 14:35

Awesome. Just ordered mine for the 21st. :-)

Click here to view user informationJed   Oct 14th 2014 06:44

Mines being installed on the 21st too 😃

Click here to view user informationjimbobukii   Oct 15th 2014 14:48

So you guys not bothering with Cotswold Telecom then?

Can I ask why?

Click here to view user informationjimbobukii   Oct 15th 2014 17:25

Also, [external link] seems to be dead too!!

Click here to view user informationanti-addick   Oct 15th 2014 17:35

CT pulled out when BT rolled up. BT rolled up because CT spoke up.

Anyway, a question to those on BT. Do they block proxies to The Pirate Bay? Blocking TPB is law in the UK (which is a disgrace and another story) but blocking proxies was never illegal. So, are they still working under BT?

"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Oct 15th 2014 19:38

I wouldn't know, anti-addick, but BT offer parental protection the moment you first log on, and by voting 'no thanks' I believe the interwebz is as wide open as it can be in the UK of 2014...

"The Administrator" : Click for more detailsAndrew   Oct 17th 2014 20:00

I'm with Utility Warehouse and they use TalkTalk's LLU equipment so nothing to do with BT.

I registered with Cotswold Telecom but never had any info from him.

Click here to view user informationVaughan   Oct 30th 2014 10:51

Bitten the bullet and placed an order with BT who seem to have a lot of good introductory offers at the moment. Shame about CT, would have liked to have given them a try.

Click here to view user informationTitaniumDan   Nov 17th 2014 16:47

I would still be interested in the CT service, given my distance from the cab and my relatively poor VDSL speed (~12mbit). Shame that it seems it was purely created to (allegedly) spur BT into action.

Click here to view user informationVaughan   Nov 17th 2014 16:58

We are hoping that BT Infinity will be a step up in speed AND reliability in Woodlands Rd - TalkTalk broadband drops out repeatedly several times a day now, tired of turning the router on and off. Anybody got any experience to share?

Click here to view user informationVaughan   Nov 27th 2014 15:52

BT Infinity activated today (Woodlands Rd) - 38 down 10 up. Very pleased with that!

Click here to view user informationVaughan   Dec 3rd 2014 20:19

6 days in and its proved to be 100% reliable with not a single drop out and the speed never varies. Perfect!

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