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New House Hall, Charfield

Click here to view user informationHesitantScotsman   Feb 16th 2011 09:55

Does anyone know where this eight bedroomed house with five acres of land stands - or stood? According to an advertisement in the Bristol Mercury in 1865, it was near the railway station.

I'm researching William Cowle, Stroud grocer and successful property speculator, born in 1820 and have found that another William Cowle, old enough to be, but not (I currently think) to be his father was born in Thornbury. If anyone knows anything about either Cowle or New House Hall, please let me know!


Click here to view user informationRob-Bass   May 20th 2011 13:30

Hi HS,

there are only two properties that i believe this could be (others may know better) these are both on the opposite side of the railway line to the station BUT within 200 metres of the station (and there was a crossing there). The first is almost directly opposite the station and painted green. I think this is now divided into two property's. The second would have been the Manor house on what is now Manor Lane. this i believe has also been divided into two dwellings but both of these could be of the size you discribe.

Hope this helps.

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