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Severe delays - Starting 17th January 2011 for 22 weeks - Junction B4059/B4059

Click here to view user informationsbomford   Jan 9th 2011 16:52

I see signs have popped up on the junction of the B4058/4059 indicating long delays for 22 weeks. If I look on the South Glos website & links to the related Elgin site, there is no mention of anything proposed or planned. Does anyone know what is this all about?

Click here to view user informationDebR   Jan 10th 2011 19:08

Hi, I think (correct me please if I am wrong) that the works are to do with the roundabout which is being put in at the top of the hill, not only will this mean disruption for the time of the roadworks, but will cause the Wotton Road to turn into a Car Park at rush hour in the morning long term and we will see a return to the que's which used to blight the village when any temporary traffic lights or roadworks were in situ. Cant see how we will benefit from this, think this is for the benefit of Cemex and their lorries. All villagers will need to add an extra half hour to their journey to get out of the village. :(

Click here to view user informationsherlock   Jan 10th 2011 22:21

I also think this is for the roundabout, that is a long time the village is going to be disrupted. I remember a "traffic calming" measure that was put in Wotton Road which was anything but and was removed after a few years. I imagine pollution levels will go up considerably during rush hours due to slow moving traffic.

Click here to view user informationjgbeaker   Jan 11th 2011 12:44

Hi and with the new nursery near to the top of the hill adding more traffic, its going to be brilliant. Well done South glous, excellent as normal!

Click here to view user informationalanmccann   Jan 11th 2011 13:05

What I don't understand is if it's going to take the best part of 6 months to complete this unnecessary alteration, why can't we have part-time lights installed (if we have to have something)?

Surely they would have been a much cheaper option, involved little alteration to the current road layout, completed in a few weeks and would only be used in rush hours.

The current system works well, as far as I'm concerned. I always find that most of those exiting Charfield and wanting to turn right, will give way to a few vehicles waiting to come onto the Wotton Road. I'm sure we would be better leaving it to the good-natured motorist rather than have systems imposed on us. A good example is the system at junction 14 of the M5!

"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Jan 11th 2011 14:05

[external link] :|

Click here to view user informationalanmccann   Jan 11th 2011 16:35

Thanks for that Mark. Are South Glos Council meant to consult with the Parish Council? It would seem logical to me!

Click here to view user informationsbomford   Jan 11th 2011 19:00

Thanks everyone for their comments. This is the (admittedly very prompt) reply I had from South Glos - "the initial works which may now have a delayed start are the utilities moving services but the final outcome is the construction of a small round about to assist with traffic flow once the Quarry output is increased. This is a planning requirement which was advertised late 2009." - I guess somewhere along the line I missed the planning announcement. Like everyone else, I look forward to the queues through the village every day I head to the M5!

Click here to view user informationBatty_Loz   Jan 17th 2011 17:25

Sorry to be the one voice against the rest but there is a small chance that this RAB will actually improve the situation... If you think about it, turning right in the morning (from B4058 onto B4509) will flow much more easily as we wont have to wait for anything coming straight over down into Charfield because we'll have right of way. Traffic turning out of the B4509 is probably split pretty equally between turning left and right but will be held up by any traffic travelling straight on along the B4058 and we'll have priority over them when we're turning right allowing traffic out of the B4509. At the end of the day this should all be reversed making it easier to get off of the 509 onto the 058. I could be wrong but I'm sure the traffic team at the council will have run all the calcs to work out how to get the best flow rates.

Granted, it will be hell during the works though...

Click here to view user informationsbomford   Jan 18th 2011 12:52

I will keep my fingers crossed that it will improve the traffic flow. You never know. The "new" lights at Falfield B4509/A38 work well. However, would I be correct in assuming that the traffic team had a hand in the J14 lights - surely the only set in the UK to be turned off at peak time & back on again when they are not really needed! While I'm on my hooby horse, how about a filter lane for turning southbound on the M5. The hours I've spent over the years looking at that red light with nothing coming.......

I assume the new island road works will most likely start next week. Time over the week-end possibly to sort out my scenic tour trip to work!

Click here to view user informationDebR   Jan 18th 2011 22:42

Sbomford:- LOL, have already planned my trip around the houses to Tortworth

Click here to view user informationBatty_Loz   Jan 19th 2011 19:29

Actually the lights at J14 are a different team as the highways agency control what happens at that junction and incidentally although the lighting system seems strange it does in the main keep the traffic flowing safely. It's a dodgy junction set up and without the traffic lights at non-peak times the traffic flow would be much faster and the chances of serious accidents would be increased. I know what you mean about sitting there with nothing passing and I understand that it can be frustrating but it is there to keep people safe.

Click here to view user informationang   Jan 24th 2011 13:56

Batty Loz,

I disagree. Most people see those lights on J14 as totally inappropriate and the Highways Agency quote 'Health & Safety' as a rather pathetic veil to attempt to disguise the fact that those lights only impede the flow of traffic. I know of no other lights anywhere in the country that are turned off during peak hours because of the interruption to traffic flow and queues that they cause when traffic is at its heaviest. It is totally obsurd to sit there at 11 o'clock at night waiting for the wretched lights to turn green. If there were no lights there the sensible motorist would proceed with greater caution knowing that other vehicles could be in the vicinity, rather than blasting through at high speed safe in the knowledge that everyone else is sitting behind a red light - as I have seen many people do. It is time the Highways Agency took a leaf from the book of their oppos' on the continent, where traffic is designed to flow, not stop.

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