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Better Broadband

Click here to view user informationdude   Nov 18th 2010 17:26

we all complain about the speed we get this side of the bridge! would it be worth the Parish Council checking out creating our own network?

Want better broadband?

Since announcing plans to bring Next generation Access to the residents of the Great Thornton Street Estate in Hull, we’ve been inundated with emails asking us to do the same elsewhere in the city and across the country too.

You may be pleased to hear that Fibrestream is interested in providing NGA to both the rural ‘Notspots’ and ‘Slowspots’ that make up the so-called Final Third of the population and to pioneer in Hull NGA business models and processes that can be repeated in other urban centres.

If you want us to bring service to your community, and if you can prove there is sufficient demand, then we will work to bring it to you.

Click here to view user informationJed   Dec 12th 2010 20:20

Anything is worth a shot!

Click here to view user informationmars   Jan 19th 2011 16:14

Yes please! What do we have to do?

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