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Little Bristol Lane - Raised Speed Tables

Click here to view user informationJed   Oct 17th 2010 20:16

Having recently received a letter from South Gloucestershire council I was disappointed to see that the raised speed tables scheme is going ahead (25th October) in Little Bristol Lane. I appreciate the need to slow traffic down by the playing field is a good idea, but these raised speed tables are just annoying! If they are narrow enough most larger family cars can just drive over them with no noticeable effect on speed. The only thing they are good for is damaging the inner wall of your tyres. Surely a few “Give-Way” style chicanes would be a much better idea?

The letter states “we carried out a consultation with local residents”, the feedback we received was not particularly helpful. I wonder how much involvement the parish council had in this, I’m sure someone on here knows? Does everyone else approve of this rubbish speed reduction method? Is it to late to do anything about it?

Click here to view user informationalanmccann   Oct 18th 2010 10:18


It is my understanding that the original plan to have a series of these tables along the length of LBLane have been revised with none now planned between the Manor Lane junction and the main road.

I objected to the plan on the basis that the route cause of the two accidents involving children was the drop-off and pick-up point of the school bus at the junction of LBLane and Woodlands Road. As a resident of Woodlands Road I have often had to negociate the exit onto LBLane by inching out around the rear of the bus hoping noyhing was coming up the lane. I suggested that it would be better if the bus drove into Woodlands and then reversed up towards Little Bristol itself, hence leaving the junction clear for those entering and exiting Woodlands Road. I also suggested that the Memorial Hall car park would be better suited and safer overall.

I had a nice response rejecting my thoughts.

Alan McCann

Click here to view user informationLiz   Oct 18th 2010 12:57

I have also had fun with the school bus when driving out of Woodlands Road, it is really rather dangerous and Alan I agree with your thoughts there.

As Jed points out most family cars can drive one wheel either side of the speed tables so realistically all it does is increase wear and tear for those of us driving smaller cars and increase road noise for those who live near them.

The road closure and proposed diversion are going to cause chaos! It's not going to take much to block up that back road when we're all trying to get to/from work!

I complained about the scheme and had a reponse rejecting my thoughts too. Isn't it nice to live in a democracy where people listen to your opinions!

"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Oct 18th 2010 14:23

Jed asks how much input the Parish Council had into the traffic calming scheme, to be implemented w/c 25th October. Minutes and News Items are, as ever, on the Parish Council web site, but let me try and answer in simple terms.

The Council were originally informed in December 2009, of a proposal to install six traffic humps on Little Bristol Lane. We posted the Public Consultation on our News page [external link]. The consultation does in fact remain today at least on the South Gloucestershire web site [external link]. (sorry for tghe long URL's. I can't embed links on this page)

The Council were unhappy with the proposal, which came out of the blue for us, and we sought to clarify the need and fettle the outcome. The Minutes of January 2010 are useful here. [external link] />

In March a new proposal came out, asking for comments by May. We published the News Item [external link]. The key change was that the number of traffic humps was down to three.

All the above is in the public domain. Forgive me if I don't speak on the latest developments as a Councillor - I'm not allowed! In a personal capacity however I have been made aware of several concerns about the traffic management during this upcoming work, especially in the light of the jams on Devil's Lane when the Wotton Road was repainted earlier in the year.

Please do keep an eye on the Parish Council web site, where all relevant news is published as we get it. Contact the Clerk if you have any comments on this or any other Charfield matter.

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