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Segestria Florentina - Spider

Click here to view user informationVicky   Oct 7th 2010 13:23

Hi all,

These spiders keep being in the news lately as foreign invaders. We have them living around our front door, window frames and garage door - loads of them. One in particular (which I have named Priscilla) is massive!

I was interested to know if anyone else in the village had noticed these living in their walls?!


"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Oct 7th 2010 19:07

I've noticed an increase in large spiders, but whether they are these I cannot say. If it is then apparently they bite quite painfully! Priscilla may not be friendly...

Click here to view user informationvicky   Oct 7th 2010 20:37

I read they had a nasty bite and that they can be aggressive! We've had them for a couple of years. They're fearsome looking but fascinating. I quite like them!


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