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mrs pegler's shop.charfield green

Click here to view user informationbetty   Oct 6th 2010 17:48

hi,does anyone remember my mothers 'open all hours shop' situated in charfield green? the house is still there but the shop 'part' has been mother is now 90 and is living in a residential home..she is still quite active and very healthy.would be nice to relay any of your memories. thankyou i am betty,her youngest daughter.

Click here to view user informationcurtisd   Oct 7th 2010 23:02

Yes I remember your mothers shop and your brother John. We used to go to the shop to get sweets . There used to be a group of us at the time who used to play football with John up the playing field. We would go back to the shop to get drinks etc. When we were much younger we used to go fishing in the stream close to the shop. It wasnt a very big shop but it always had a good assortment of drinks and chocolate. I spoke to your brother in Wotton street during the summer. We also used to go cowslip picking in the fields next to where you lived to make cowslip wine. Those fields have now been built on. There was also a man that lived close to your mums shop that used to drive around the village with Foxes tails on the front of the car tied to the radiator. I cant think of his name but I know that we used to talk to him when we did the paper round.

Click here to view user informationbetty   Oct 8th 2010 09:42

thankyou for your reply.the old mans name was charlie old.he lived in the end part of our house which was a separate dwelling.that part was re-vamped by my parents and is now twice the size.the shop end is brook house and the field end is brook cottage.the shop was officially known as brook stores.charlie olds' mother used to run the railway tavern in the days of the train crash and i have a letter from the railway company thanking her for her assistance as they took the injured passengers there.

Click here to view user informationwoodyt   Oct 26th 2010 21:09

Hi Betty, I remember your mums shop. I lived up little bristol lane, for my sins, and used to buy sweets and drink there [fizzy pop]. In the summer we used to get ice poles and your mum would cut the top off for us. The thing i most remember was that you went through the door and there would be a quick flick of the curtain, and your mum would just appear from behind it, and thats magic. I remember buying some 7 inch records there ,i think they were from a juke box, and i still have them.I remember you, john,peter, and margaret, and poor old reg out the back, watch the dinner reg. That shop was a great little place, shame it had to close. Today it would have been taken over and become another Tesco Express store, lol. Its nice to know your mums still going strong, tell her tim woodward still remembers her. Cheers Betty.

Click here to view user informationbetty   Nov 13th 2010 19:13

thanks tim, great memories. i remember you too;did your mum have a jack russel dog? i think our tortoise made it to your garden one summer.i hope to show these memories to my mum soon. ps i thought the curtain was magic too because i could see the customers but they couldn't see .pure magic to a 6 yr old

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