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Arson and Vandalism

"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Sep 2nd 2010 18:21

Why do people commit vandalism, arson and other criminal damage? What should we as a community do about or to those who carry out such antisocial acts?

Who? I hear you cry. Unfortunately it appears to be a small number of our own children. Most of the youth in Charfield is good natured, polite and if mischievous then at least mischievous with humour. But one or two are not.

What should the community of Charfield be doing about such socio-paths? What would you do (within the law please). What if it turns out that your own children (child / youth / adolescent / teenager... chose your terminology) is one of them?

As we look into yet more costly criminal damage to the play equipment in the playing field, how should Charfield Parish Council react? You are after all paying for the damage, each and every time. Do let us know your ideas. Here to me, or by email or telephone to the Clerk.

"Tim Lawrence, IT Consultant moving to Charfield with wife and 6 month old baby to get a bit more countryside :-) Keen Motorcyclist, home mechanic and drummer. Enjoy a good pint of real ale :-)" : Click for more detailstimlawrence   Sep 9th 2010 14:56

It's a good question Mark. I guess it must be quite difficult to be a teenager growing up in a village where there isn't a lot to do. I guess not all parents can a. afford or b. spare the time to ferry their children around to various out of town activities. Not that this in any way exonerates the individuals concerned. Clearly it is an issue which needs addressing somehow. What kind of activities are available in the village to get these young people involved in producing something they can be proud of (such as the Grafitti art which I saw at the meeting recently) and do the individuals you have mentioned attend such activities?

Is it worth talking to some larger local councils (Yate/Thornbury etc) to see how they deal with this kind of thing?

see you soon.

Tim L

Click here to view user informationJed   Nov 16th 2010 19:00

On a similar vain each morning when passing the tennis club/playing field on Manor lane I am always disappointed to see a great heap of rubbish around the area where groups of teenagers collect in their cars and other rubbish dotted around the playing field. I then sometimes see the caretaker (I assume?) each morning picking up this rubbish. I was brought up to not discard any rubbish into the street and to take all rubbish home or bin it, so this blatant disrespect for the community angers me.

Tim I have to say growing up in a smaller village than Charfield I was not bored and if I wanted to go anywhere I used my bike which is free and good for you! There is always things to do, its just different to towns.

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