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Road Traffic Collision on the 22/08

"Immigrant from Frampton Cotterell c 1997" : Click for more detailsoxo   Aug 23rd 2010 22:25

I was at the scene of a nasty accident up on the Charfield/Tortworth road in that atrocious rain last night. I stayed with one of the injured parties, Jack, until the Emergency services arrived. He's a local lad (Wotton) so I was wondering if anyone knows how he's doing - it would put my mind at rest.

Many Thanks

Click here to view user informationsuza   Sep 13th 2010 16:00


Thanks so much for staying with Jack-I'm his mum. He broke his femur and had a titanium rod put in and smashed his wrist & had wires put in and then in a cast. He's hobbling around on crutches and having regular physio but thankfully very much alive.

The police have said that the water on the road was the cause of the accident so Jack was pleased that he wouldn't be tarred with the young boy racer brush!

Again, thanks so much for your kindness.

"Immigrant from Frampton Cotterell c 1997" : Click for more detailsoxo   Sep 13th 2010 19:59

Hi Suza,

That's a huge relief, very many thanks for letting me know. I'm so glad Jack is doing well and I wish him a speedy recovery.

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