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Play Area

"Immigrant from Frampton Cotterell c 1997" : Click for more detailsoxo   Aug 20th 2010 21:47


Does anyone know when the play area next to the village hall will re-open? My kids have certainly missed it over the summer holiday!

"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Aug 21st 2010 09:16

All updates regarding the play area are made on the Parish Council web site, oxo. However, let me say how sorry the Parish Council is that the area was unable to open for the school summer holidays. This delay was caused in the main by the extreme weather we experienced in the summer - rather different to that we are experiencing now - which killed off the newly turfed areas. Those damaged areas have been removed, and re-seeded, and may yet be re-turfed depending on the success of the re-seeding. Obviously, it was impossible to allow children onto the site while the surfaces were unfinished. The play area will open just as soon as we can do so safely, and despite the inevitable disappointment I know you would not have us open it a moment before.

"Immigrant from Frampton Cotterell c 1997" : Click for more detailsoxo   Aug 21st 2010 17:37

Many thanks for the reply Mark.

Fingers crossed that the new turf will take properly, at least it's got a chance now with all this rain!


"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Sep 28th 2010 10:13

Be interested in your kids reaction to the play area, now it's open. And anyone elses too.

We're monitoring how things go. I've already noticed excessive wear and tear to the mound by the tunnel, and we're planning remedial actions there.

The Gazette was there on Saturday, when we opened, and there ought to be a photo of the train covered in kids, in the paper on Thursday.

Click here to view user informationcwg1   Nov 22nd 2010 15:17

The new play area is great but one comment is the lack of any gate to the car park. I've already witnessed more than one child run through this (one heading to the road!) and not having a gate between the play area and the main road seems to be an unnecessary safety hazard.

Apart from that it's a great improvement.

"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Nov 28th 2010 22:14

Thanks cwg1, and I agree a gate would be beneficial. The cash isn't there right now for a gate between the play area and the car park, but it's in the council's collective mind should we come into some extra funds.

Click here to view user informationVicky   Dec 15th 2010 19:19

My 18month old loves the train and the swings. Unfortunately in the rain the tyre steps fill with water and the wooden bridge is slippery which is a shame. Also, although there is a small slide, the hill is so steep (and slippery in the wet) we can't manage it yet which leads to frustrated tears as he loves slides.

Definite improvement overall though!

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