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charfield hill roundabout

Click here to view user informationsherlock   Aug 13th 2010 17:08

Reading the gazette this week I see that the roundabout at the top of the hill seems to be imminent, how has this happened?. I've heard rumblings about this before but nothing concrete. Is it too late to to do anything?. Surely someone must realise that having to switch off the traffic lights during rush must indicate that there needs to be a free flow of traffic. You can't switch off a roundabout!!

Click here to view user informationalanmccann   Aug 23rd 2010 17:04

I agree with you Sherlock, expect long lines of traffic trying to exit Charfield via the hill. Until I saw it in the gazette, I had no idea such a thing was being discussed. Part-time lights would have been a better option.

Think this is all related to the operators of the quarry having their operating hours/output extended and paying towards cheap-option road improvements to keep us quiet!

So Charfield gets more noise and traffic movements from the quarry and longer queues out of the village at busy periods. Someone's a winner, but it's not us!

Click here to view user informationang   Aug 23rd 2010 17:33

A roundabout is a better solution than traffic-lights. At least with a roundabout you don't necessarily need to stop.

As an aside - a lorry from that quarry shed some stone as it passed my wife, driving her car in the opposite direction, causing £2k damage to her car. So far, not so much as an apology from the Quarry let alone paying for the damage.

Click here to view user informationJed   Sep 5th 2010 08:03

I quite like the idea of a roundabout there; I think currently it’s quite a dangerous junction. I cannot see the roundabout slowing it down; I think it’s more likely to speed it up. It should reduce the 5 o’clock queue coming from Tortworth and make it a safe junction for cyclist.

Click here to view user informationDebR   Sep 7th 2010 13:28

Hi, I wonder what sort of impact the roundabout will have, we currently have some temp traffic lights along the tortworth road, and the traffic was qued from there all along down the hill into charfield this morning, past the school. The priority will be to the right so traffic through Charfield will have to wait untill the tortworth road is clear and in the mornings I dont know weither this will be very often, oh well I suppose as everything we will have to grin and bear it whatever happens

Click here to view user informationsherlock   Sep 17th 2010 10:45

Since reading about this in the gazette I've not seen anything else, its gone ominously quiet. I couldn't agree more about the traffice backing up through the village, I remember what used to happen when we had "traffic calming" measures installed in the village!

Click here to view user informationalanmccann   Oct 18th 2010 10:32


Has it crossed anyone's mind that the long queues currently being experienced exiting the village via the hill in the mornings (due to the diverted traffic from the Wickwar to Kingswood road closure) will become common place once the roundabout is installed?

Who voted for this? Is it too late to do something about it?

Alan McCann

"Chair of Charfield PC" : Click for more detailsMark_Rosher   Oct 18th 2010 14:59

Hi Alan

It certainly crossed my mind, which is why it was in the Gazette in the first place! As long back as November 2008 Charfield Parish Council expressed concerns. [external link] />

I don't have any more uptodate information on this matter right now, but feel free to pass your comments to the Clerk.

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