Liane Cope vs Cancer

My Journey Through Brazil and Beyond ...

From Salvador to Ilheus down the East coast, Liane tells the full story, with pictures!

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Well I did it, all 370 km from Salvador to Ilheus cycling through amazing rain forest, villages, coastal roads and towns and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generous support and donations that helped me achieve it.

We were told at our celebration dinner by one of the charities "In the 5 days we were cycling sadly 225 women lost their lives to either breast, cervical or ovarian cancer. In addition 987 ladies were diagnosed with one of the 3 cancers, that's more than 2 per kilometre we cycled. However you incredible ladies raised £236,000 so with group 1 that's a combined total of over £461,000 with more coming in!" They are scary statistics, but with your help we made some difference.

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Challenge Update and Count Down

In case you have not heard, let me fill you in. It all started ten months ago when my friend Kirsty told me about a trip to cycle 350 kilometres in Brazil to raise money for three cancer charities: Breast Cancer Care; Ovarian Cancer Action and Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust. (Registered charity number 268369) and I thought it sounded such a good idea. You can read more about the charities and why I wanted to get involved by reading further down the page.

Since then, we have been regularly going out on our bikes and now have some favourite 20, 35 & 50 mile circular routes to choose from. It has taken us to places we did not know existed right on our doorstep and we have found some beautiful scenic routes taking in breathtaking views stretching across to Wales. On our travels we have seen such a variety of wildlife which I certainly would have missed in the car.

In January we experienced beautiful frosty mornings and blue skies and the country roads were lovely and quiet. However, heading into spring it became noticeably more busy with groups of cyclists and cars. In May on a training weekend, we had the chance to meet more of the ladies doing the same challenge with us. We cycled 49 miles in Staffordshire, which I found easier than expected, so I was relieved to know my training schedule was on track. There were 42 ladies and so it felt very strange cycling with so many other people. I'll have to get use to this! We were lucky to be able to prepare ourselves for the heat by cycling in 30 degree heat (remember those lovely hot days we had early summer?) To date, I have accumulated around 1100 miles and the furthest distance I've travelled in a day is 50 miles. I would not have been so well prepared if it was not for my coach Duncan (who knows when my pace slackens and when to encourage me up those steep hills) and my training and challenge partner Kirsty. Thank you.

Finally Kirsty and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support, encouragement, donations and help with organising the charity events. Without you amazing people we couldn't have done it. THANK YOU. So far, we have raised £3,500.00 but there is still time to donate if you would like to support these worthwhile charities.

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Some of you may know me and my story, but for you who don't here is a brief outline.

Four years ago I discovered I had breast cancer, and so did two other friends. This terrible disease does not just affect you - but your family and friends too! So having support helps us all through the dark days.

Now after three ops and a long treatment period I feel I need to give something back by raising money for cancer charities.

So please help me help others fighting cancer!